You need to have Skype ( ) and add forexjim to your contacts. We will add you to our contacts and add you to the Group Call List.

The calls are Monday, Tues, Wed, Thurs starting at 11:45 pm Pacific Time.

When your skype “rings” with the call coming in just accept the call and you’re on. If you can’t join the call at the start, you can join later simply by clicking the Missed Call notice and clicking the Join Call button.

The Big Rule

We are all on the call to make money trading forex. Because there are many different levels of experience, some still learning, others trading live money, we ask that the following “Rules Of The Road” be observed as you participate.

Welcome To Our Call!


1. Bring your “Professional Self” to the call. These can be a very social call at times, but we must maintain a 100% level of professionalism as well. Manners matter in other words.

2. When you first join the call, please have your microphone muted. The MUTE icon is located in the center area where the group names are at. You will also see the “Chat Balloon Icon” to text to the group.

3. Text questions and comments in the Chat Box to start out. If you need to ask a question by voice, unmute your mic and depending on background noise, etc. you may be able to leave your mic ‘open’ during the call.

4. If you have been trading with different charts, indicators, systems, please don’t bring them up on the call. If there is something you have been using you believe to be of value … AFTER … you have studied our system and charts, feel free to “Private Message” your ideas to forexjim on skype, but not in the group calls.

5. Keep in mind it is YOUR MONEY and YOUR RESPONSIBILITY to take care of your money when trading. We do call out trades. But we can’t close the trade at minimal loss or maximum profits for you. In the end, that is your job. There will be trades that don’t go where we thought when we called them out. That’s trading … and it means they may go negative OR POSITIVE further than we thought. It is just trading.

6. Honor your own “Trader’s Bio-Rhythm”. When you first sit down to your charts, you’re still “cold” to the market. Don’t take risky trades then. When you’re “in the zone” and warmed up, go with it. When you feel fatigue coming on, or you know you have to leave for work, go to bed, or something else is coming up … STOP TRADING.

7. Trade a MAXIMUM of 2 or 3 Mini Lots per $1,000 of account balance. For a $1,000 account you would put in a trade of .2 or .3 MAXIMUM. That’s $20,000 or $30,000 (2 or 3 mini’s). For a $5,000 account you would see in the trade volume selector 1.3 to 1.5 lots which is $130,000 to $150,000 of currency. .1 lot = $1 per pip. 1.0 lot = $10 per pip. Big difference. Stick to the rules.

8. Trade a MAXIMUM of 3 of THOSE TRADES at one time for your Loss Recovery System trades. Meaning if your maximum trade is .2 lots for each trade, you trade no more than 3 of those trades during Loss Recovery work, all at one time.

9. State the following before you start trading …

“I can sit down on any day, at any time, as long as there is at least 15 pips of movement and make money trading Forex. When a trade stops out, I will use my Loss Recovery System and get my money back. I will stay in my money management rules. I will roll my sleeves up and make my session positive before I quit. By doing this, I honor my Trader Goals and protect my Trader’s Heart and Soul.”